1. Chulsung Park:
    original hardware designer: Eco v1 (’04), v2 (’06), serial base station, debugging board (’06), development board (’07).

  2. Pang-neng “Hank” Lee: layout, debug, production of Eco v2; Eco v3 (with C-Y. Chen)

  3. Chien-Ying Chen:
    Eco v3 (in progress, USB interface)

Potential Eco user

Wearable Eco

More happy Eco users

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Software (UCI)

  1. Jinfeng Liu:
    original software demo, wireless pushing protocol, original firmware “Tapper” (2005)

  2. Qiang Xie:
    Tapper, Rappit (cont’d 2005-’06), additional demo

  3. Jiwon Hahn:
    Rappit (2006), SDF buffer optimization (2007), Nucleos (in progress)

  4. Seung-Mok Yoo:
    High data rate, reliable wireless protocol (2006-’07)

  5. Chongjing Chen:
    High data rate pulling protocol, HIPerWall interface (2006-present)

  6. Jinsik Kim
    Wireless bootloader (’07), optimized firmware update (‘07-present)

Happy Eco user

Contributors and Sponsors of the

Eco mote project


  1. Li-jen “Jane” Chou:
    (NTHU) responsible for the 1000 unit production (2007), application (Mirle Automation, Taiwan High Speed Rail, etc)

  1. Pai Chou, UCI & NTHU, principal investigator and webmaster

  2. Andre Shkel, UCI, for initial contact with Dr. Cooper

  3. Dan Cooper, UCI, for the infant monitoring application

  4. Goran Matijasevic, UCI, for introduction to Andre Shkel

  5. Chung-ta King, NTHU, for being a big advocate and cheerleader of Eco

Software (NTHU)

  1. Chia-Hui “Milk” Lu and Zheng Zhong “Noah” Lin: high data rate wireless protocol, interface to Silicon Designs (1221, 2420) high precision accelerometers

  2. Chung-Yi “Jangyie” Ke, Nai-Yuan “Kevin” Ko:
    ported demo, Eco programmer, USB driver for Eco v3

  3. Min-Hua “Orca” Chen:
    resumable wireless firmware update (’07-present), car demo, networking protocol 

  4. Po-nong “Roger” Chiang:
    interactive firmware loading and execution (in progress)

  5. You-ting “Jackal” Chen:
    SD Card driver, IDE for Eco

  6. Chih-Hsiang “Jack” Hsueh, Wei-Han “Wayne” Chen, Chih-Hsuan “Sean” Lee: data grabbing application

The project is sponsored in part by

US sponsors:

  1. National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award CNS-0448668, CNS-0721926

  2. NSF CMS-0509018,

  3. NSF-CCR-0205712,

Taiwan Sponsors:

  1. Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA 經濟部科專計畫) 94-EC-17-A-04-S1-044,

  2. 95-EC-17-A-04-S1-044, and

  3. 96-EC-17-A-04-S1-044.

  4. National Science Council (NSC 國科會計畫) NSC-95-2218-E-007-009,

  5. NSC-96-2218-E-007-009,

  6. NSC-97-2218-E-007-009.